Professional Photographer David Koonar, Windsor, Explains How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone Camera

David Koonar Windsor

June 23, 2021

Professional Photographer David Koonar, Windsor, Explains How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone Camera

Professional Photographer David Koonar Explains How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone Camera

Want to improve your photography skills so you can capture life’s special moments? Pro photographer David Koonar, Windsor resident, offers some valuable insights.

These days, nearly every smartphone is equipped with a camera that you can capture special moments with. The cameras found on some smartphones offer higher quality photographs than dedicated cameras. Still, snapping great shots take skill. Fortunately, professional photographer David Koonar is going to offer tips for getting the most out of your smartphone camera.

“Firstly, not all smartphone cameras are created equal,” David Koonar says. “The cameras found on Apple iPhones, higher-end Samsung units, and Google’s Pixel phones often offer standout performance. No matter which brand or model you prefer, if you want to take great photos, make sure you look at camera-specific reviews.”

While smartphone cameras have come a long way over the past decade, some phones offer much better performance and are easier to use than others. It’s not just about the lens, the megapixels, and other specs either.

“A lot of newbie photographers focus on megapixels. The more megapixels, the higher the detail. For most users, however, anything around 12 megapixels should perform fine,” David Koonar says. “You only need more megapixels if you’re printing really big prints, say something the size of a movie poster.”

Do you know what is important, but hard to measure? David Koonar says users should pay extra close attention to the image and photo processing software found on the phone.

“Google is making a reputation for itself among photographers because their cameras are among the best. Where Google really excels is with its software, it’s powerful and processes great images. Apple has come a long way too. Great processing software makes it easier to snap great photographs.”

David Koonar Offers Practical Tips for Great Photos
Happy with your smartphone’s camera? Awesome! Now it’s time to leverage some practical tips for improving shots.

“First, you want to avoid flash when possible,” David Koonar suggests. “Natural lighting is better in most situations. “Many cameras now offer framing grids, make sure you use these. Each camera will have its own features, so make sure you read up on them and how they work.”

Many phones offer advanced features to make taking photographs easier. For example, higher-end smartphones have image stabilization software. Still, a few external accessories can go a long way.

“A gimbal is a great tool for beginners and pros alike,” David Koonar says. “They make it easier to snap smooth, steady photographs. Imaging processing software helps, but I still use gimbals, tripods, and other tools to take better photographs.”

It’s also smart to familiarize yourself with photo editing software. Mr. Koonar says that the right filters, or using tweaks to change saturation, colors, and the like, can go a long way.