About Me

For folks who are familiar with Canadian photography, including the outdoors, the name David Koonar of Windsor is a familiar one. His photography has been a well-known fixture in Windsor, Ontario as well as regionally across Canada itself. Traditionally trained and with professional skills honed from years of practice and work, Koonar continues to be one of the top names for go-to visual work and photographic impact in Windsor today.

Early Design Education & Focus

From early on in his first days as a photographer, David Koonar was visually attached to design. Images were far more than just still moments; Koonar wanted to align his camera output with the beauty and technical presentation of man-made and natural design as it became apparent through the lens. Over the years, technology has changed, evolved, and progressed, but the fundamentals of Koonar’s photography rooted in design representation are still the same. Today, quite a bit more is possible with digital manipulation, editing, enhancement, and much more; however, David still finds photographic beauty in the simplicity of shots, especially in nature. These are things that software can’t reproduce no matter how good the coding behind the computer screen.

Conceptual Narratives

Visualization concepts for David Koonar of Windsor and his work start with stories. His camera and skill are the professional tools applied, but the artistry that is developed in the finished products starts with a good background, context, and plot. In many cases, the story is already present, a real-life movie constantly running and Koonar is in the right place at the right time to catch and freeze it for posterity. Much of this expertise can be seen in David Koonar’s exhibited work online through Instagram and similar social media channels. With millions of views, a steady following of similar size, and a regular delivery of new, amazing content, it’s no surprise that David Koonar continues to remain in demand for new photography projects.

Emphasis on Mechanical Expertise

Technical knowledge still remains a bread and butter aspect of photography, a point that Koonar regularly exhibits with younger photographers. Instead of trusting the auto sequence of the modern camera, Windsor native David Koonar continues to emphasize full manual control through skill, learning, understanding the results of different settings, and knowing when to use them for full effect and maximum photograph quality. Without this level of understanding, in Koonar’s mind, an image producer is not really achieving true photography. They might be creating images and adding to the mass of digital data all over the Internet, but what really makes an expert photographer stand out continues to be the consistently high level of image quality that is only possible through the intentional application of settings versus relying on an oftentimes faulty computer auto-setting.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, David Koonar fully expects technology to continue to produce amazing equipment that wasn’t available or even possible to use just two years ago or less. However, he also expects at the same time that the continued march towards letting computers do everything will continue to reduce the number of photographers who truly know how to use their equipment manually. Koonar doesn’t expect photography to suddenly become a lost art. It continues to evolve and morph as technology changes. However, there will clearly be a significant separation between those who, like David Koonar of Windsor, trained and developed their manual knowledge of the camera and those who just press buttons. And the difference, Koonar also notes, will show in the photography produced.

As for Koonar himself, he continues to work in dedicated fashion in Windsor, both in his studio and surrounding nature. If nothing else, Koonar continues to outdo himself just for the sake of the challenge, producing amazing imagery from the end of a lens and viewfinder.


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