David Koonar: Photographing and Guiding

David Koonar Windsor

June 23, 2021

David Koonar: Photographing and Guiding

David Koonar works as a photographer and lives in the city of Windsor, Ontario in Canada. He is a longtime fan of not only photography but also design and technology. He is the owner of David Koonar Photography, which offers professional photography services in Windsor, Ontario. People are able to look at his website to see many different types of photography tips for anybody who is working in that field. David Koonar and his organization are considered to be experts in the field of visual media.

David Koonar, Windsor Ontario resident, offers many helpful insights to photographers who are beginning or perhaps not as far along in the field as he has gotten. For example, he has taken the time to give beginning photographers photography tips, telling them things that they need to learn about composition, lighting, how to use their cameras, how to best work with their subjects, and more. He tells them to make the most of whatever composition they have, and that they should be willing to take many shots that they know they are not eventually going to use. Rather than going out and focusing exclusively on getting exactly the shot that they want, they should just look for new angles and be willing to improvise. They should also use whatever camera they have, even if it is not the best possible quality. They need to learn all of the settings that are available on their camera and know them by heart in order to make the most of their time when they are taking pictures. They need to understand how light affects composition. For example, they need to know that a day that is bright and cloudless is not going to be good for shooting because it will create washed-out images. He also advises people to be liberal when they are taking shots, and to take many shots, as image software can be used to touch up photos and salvage ones that you may not have believed were salvageable.

David Koonar realizes that experience can be one of the greatest teachers when starting out in a field such as photography, and he wants his experience to benefit other people. He spoke of one mistake that he made early in his career when he was fairly well-prepared for an on-site shoot, but halfway through the shoot, their boss called and made some changes to the plan. He was not able to accommodate these changes because he had only brought enough batteries to shoot the plans that they had already laid out. Because of that, they had to do a follow-up day just to get everything finished. He advises people to be more than prepared for every assignment, so this does not happen to them.

David Koonar, Windsor, has many resources on his website that guide other photographers and photography businesses as to how to succeed. He tells them how to create a successful online presence, explains how to take good photos at night, explains the concepts of aperture and shutter speed in digital photography, and has suggestions to offer as to where to take beautiful pictures in the city of Ontario, Canada. He also tells them how to showcase their work, organize their time, and more. On his website, he has a blog and a portfolio of his work.